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Allright people..I am dream of Dodge Intrepid R/T for next year after I go college. Right now I have Dodge Intrepid SE, already sell and will buy R/T next year.

Next year, I am make save alot money to enough pay custom dream car.

Here my idea of car
-300m full power leather seat
-300m speedometer with 150mph
-blue neon under seat and all inside the fan
-new carpet (black)
-new autostick (maybe sliver?)
-GPS system
-CD changer
-DVD on back of seat

-window tint about 70% sign on rear window
-rim charger wheel with kelly tire
-two exhaust (any name but not ugly one!)
-headlight Black Halo Projector
-tint tail light
-"3.5L" sign
-bosch wiper blades
-body color to orange OR green (like dodge charger r/t color)
-300m signal

-Bosch spark plugs Platinum Ir Fusion
-Bosch spark plugs wire set
-Bosch premium cabin air filters
-bosch premium oil filters
-replace engine (many new part as i can and make engine look like NEW everything)
-bosch high output alternators (if fit to 3.5l engine)
-engine cover color to orange
-engine pipe (not metal) color to orange

that is it for now...any idea good to add? message here and if i like your idea and i will add it.

here picture of my old Dodge Intrepid SE 2000 (engine has oil sludge!)

this is my first day of my car

engine has oil sludge :-(

Too much snow! It took me 1 hour to clean up

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Yeah I know but I also shovel the road to get my car move so it will not stuck. That one hour for shovel road AND clean snow on the car.

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Hell I live in spokane Wa we got 6.5 ft of snow dumped on us last year. Now thats a good hr trying to find where your car is and then diging it out so you can drive it to school the next day

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The plan sounds good except for the Bosch spark plugs. Use NGK instead!
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