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No, this wasn't cheap...

Case - Supermicro SC742S-600: A high-end Supermicro server case with seven Hot-swap SCSI bays on a dual-channel backplane. I've removed and sold the triple-redundant power supply two years ago.
Power Supply - PC Power and Cooling TurboCool 850SSI: Second best only to the recently released PCP&C 1KW power supply.
Motherboard - Tyan Thunder K8WE Non-SCSI: Dual Opteron, dual PCI-Express 16, PCI-X 133, dual 1Gbps Ethernet...what else is there to say?
Processors - Two Opteron 252 Processors: 5.2Ghz (2.6Ghz each) of Opteron Power!
HSFs - Two Thermaltake Silent Boost K8s: Model A1838...keeps both processors nice and cool.
RAM - Four sticks of OCZ 512MB PC3200 Registered ECC totalling 2GB: Server-grade RAM for a server-grade system.
Hard Drive Controller - LSI Logic MegaRAID SCSI 320-2X: Very nice dual-channel U320 SCSI HBA upgraded to 512MB of cache (128MB was standard) and I added a Battery Back Up. Each channel is plugged into one channel of the SCSI backplane in the case.
Hard Drives - Two Seagate Cheetah X15-36LPs: 18GB drives with a decent speed. Used on my system in a RAID1 (18GB total capacity) for OS and Paging File duty.
More Hard Drives - Four Seagate Cheetah 15k.3s: 36GB drives in a RAID5 (108GB total capacity) for programs/games/data storage
Video Cards - Two BFG 7800GTX OC cards in SLI. Recently usurped in performance to the 512MB models, but they're still at the top of their game.
Sound Card - Creative Labs Audigy 2ZS Platinum...does the job and quite well.
CD/DVD Drive - Generic 52x32x52x16 DVD/CD-RW drive
Monitor - Viewsonic VG171-2. Had it for five years and still runs like the day it was new. First 17" LCD monitor on the market with fast response time (>16ms).

Here's some older pics before adding the second vid card:


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comp in my room is an old B&W 400MHz G3 Macintosh, running OS 9.2.2. 448megs RAM, 160 gigs HD, 128meg radeon ati gfx card.

My brothers computer is an older Alienware, 1.3GHz AMD chip, not sure on the rest of the specs..

our new computer is a new Alienware..
Abit AV8 motherboard
AMD Athlon 64bit 4000 processor.
2 gigs corsair ddr pc3200 RAM
nvidia geforce fx 6800 ultra 256mb agp
160gig barracuda 7200rpm HD
dvd/cd-rw combo drive
16x dvd dual layer dvd +/- recorder
10 in 1 media reader
creative sound blaster audigy 2 zs 7.1

not as badass of a machine as the one listed above post...but it runs doom 3 with max graphic detail comfortably around 104 fps...enough for me :D

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Here's my three:

Computer 1
Role: Personal Webserver
It's a old HP Pavilion, and it lives in the closet :D:


CPU Type Intel Pentium II, 350 MHz (3.5 x 100)
Motherboard Chipset Intel 82440BX/ZX
System Memory 96 MB (SDRAM)

Video Adapter ATI Technologies Inc. 3D RAGE PRO AGP 2X (8 MB)
3D Accelerator ATI 3D-Rage Pro

Disk Drive IOMEGA ZIP 100
Optical Drive TEAC CD-532E-B (32x CD-ROM)

Computer #2
Role: Living room entertainment, short movies, music etc.
It lives inside an endtable :D :

inside of it all lit up:

CPU Type Intel Celeron 4, 1717 MHz (4.25 x 404)
Motherboard Name Gigabyte GA-8SR533P (5 PCI, 1 AGP, 3 DIMM, Audio)
Motherboard Chipset SiS 645
System Memory 256 MB (PC2100 DDR SDRAM)

Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 (64 MB)

Disk Drive IBM-DCAA-34330 (4 GB, 5400 RPM, Fast ATA-2)
Optical Drive LITEON CD-ROM LTN526D (52x CD-ROM)

Computer 3:
Role: My main system, the one that gets used the most etc ;)
No recent pic of it...

CPU Type Intel Pentium 4A, 3000 MHz (5.25 x 571)
Motherboard Name Abit AI7 (5 PCI, 1 AGP, 4 DIMM, Audio, LAN, IEEE-1394)
Motherboard Chipset Intel Springdale i865PE
System Memory 768 MB (DDR SDRAM)

Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce 5700LE (256 MB)

Disk Drive Maxtor 6Y120P0 (120 GB, 7200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/133)
Disk Drive Maxtor 91536H2 (15 GB, 5400 RPM, Ultra-ATA/100)
Disk Drive WDC WD1000JB-00CRA1(100GB, 7200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/100)
Optical Drive LITE-ON COMBO LTC-48161H (DVD:16x, CD:48x/24x/48x DVD-ROM/CD-RW)

I was using all three of them at once the other day by using a remote terminal program to log into all three of them...

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Main workstation:
XP Pro SP2, heavily modified with RyanVM and nLite
no-name case with an Antec 500 watt P/S
(the P/S is overkill, but it's what I had sitting around)
Asus A7N8X-X mobo, AMD Athlon XP 3000+, 1.5 Gb ram
(the CPU is last 32bit Athlon model released)
2x Seagate 80 Gb ATA
1x internal LG CD-RW ATA
2x external Samsung DVD+-RW drives on USB2
Additional 4 port USB 2 PCI card (10 ports total).
Additional 2 port FireWire card.
1x Canon i9900 color printer on USB2
Matrox G650 AGP
misc other external USB devices, scanner, card readers, FDD, etc, etc.

An HP 5800 B&W Inkjet sits on the network for anyone to use.
The Canon photo printer is locked to the main workstation only.

Upstairs PC/media player:
XP Pro SP2, heavily modified with RyanVM and nLite
IBM Netvista X41 all-in-one
P4 2.8/400/512 Northwood, 512 Mb ram
internal CD-RW
integrated ATI video with DVI and SVideo out
integrated 17" LCD
Belkin wireless Media Keyboard
The X41 manages several SoundBridge M1000 streaming media players.

RAID servers (4x, all identical, 1.15 Tb usable storage each)
dedicated RAID/NAS from
no-name 2U rack case with 230 watt P/S
Asrock mobo, AMD Sempron 2400, 512 Mb ram
2x add-on PCI disk controllers on riser card
6x 200 Gb ATA drives (IBM or Seagate)
1x 64 Mb solid-state ATA flash disk as boot drive

At least one of the raid servers will be for sale in 2-3 weeks. I recently picked up a used IBM DVD jukebox and will be moving all of my backups and 'static' data (MP3, etc) to DVD-RW Real Soon Now.

Laptops as work requires. I don't own any at the moment.

Home Network:
The house is wired with 26 'media drops'.
Each of the drops has 3x CAT6 and 2x RG-8 coax.
The CAT6 is all pulled to a set of ADC patch panels.
Router/firewall is a Linksys BEFSR41.
Switch is a Linksys SR224 (GigE everywhere).
No wireless, not fast or secure enough for me.
A 16 port Channel-Master bi-directional CATV amp feeds Comcast through the house.
There is a 4' high 19" rack in the basement hanging from the ceiling.
Multiple APC 1500 UPS are running the whole show.

There is a GE whole-house (in the breaker panel) surge protector that covers both phases and all outlets.

The single most expensive item I own are my XP/Server2003/Vista licenses (via MSDN). I bought a 5 pack 'on sale' but it still cost me $500-

I wired the house myself during construction two years ago. Total cost not counting my labor was well under $1000-. Yes there is a media drop in the garage but none in the bathrooms. The patch panels were scrounged from the junk bin at work. The rack was scrounged too, it was a damaged/scrapped rack that I cut in half and hung from the ceiling in the mechanical room downstairs. The Channel-Master amp and Linksys boxes were bought new on ebay for under $200 total.

My 7x APC UPS' were all scrounged too. I bought a pallet of used ones from a local salvage company for $500. Most often, 'broken' UPS' just need to have their internal sealed lead-acid batteries replaced. So for $40 per UPS (new batteries) and $500 for the pallet load, I have a large handful of good-sized UPS, more than enough for all the computer gear as well as for the home entertainment center and misc TV sets. I'm even thinking of putting one of the UPS on the garage door opener.

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God DAMN! I wish I was you...

What do you do for a living, and do you need any Network Admins?


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I have a free-lance photo business, I typically keep customer and client images available for quick retreival for 6-9 months before I manually spin them off to DVD and toss the DVD into the off-site safety deposit box.

With the new-ish jukebox, I'll probably be spinning images off to DVD in 60 days or less. The KodakProShots imaging software I use can catalog images even on removeable media.

Hey, all of the stuff I listed above can be duplicated for $4000 or less. The 1Tb NAS (disk) servers can be built for about $700 each these days.

Don't pay retail prices, keep used things like cases and power supplies to build new systems with, buy good quality drives and monitors so that you can get 3-4 years out of them (instead of 1-2 years), learn to support your own Windows and Linux ( systems, and have a part-time gig that gives you lots of tax write-offs.

Remember that I didn't pay for the GigE certified patch panels (would have been about $900) or the rack (another $1000). Ebay saved me at least 50% on the router, switch, and CATV distribution amp. My UPS' were bought by the pound as scrap and revived with new batteries at a cost savings of about $150 per unit as compared to new.

The GE whole house surge protector can be had at Home Depot for about $150. It installs right into your circuit breaker panel exactly as though it was another breaker. It comes with $50k of lightning strike and equipment damange insurance. Highly Recommended as a 15 minute weekend project.

The home network probably cost me $2k at the time of construction (including the hardware). It's dirt cheap to wire a house as long as the walls are open. Once that sheet rock goes up, prices go up too by a factor of 10. I put cat6 in everywhere because not only will it support GigE, I can run voice telephone over it. I borrowed a Fluke NetTool to certify all of the cable drops for GigE.

One wire to bind them, one wire to rule them all............

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Being a Mobile Man, I live my life on a laptop:
Dell Inspiron 8200, 1.7Ghz P4M, 1Gb DDR, 80Gb HDD(2 drives), 64MB GeForce 4 440 Go, DVD/CDRW, Internal Wirless, 15 LCD (1600X1200 Native Resolution)
BIOS vendor: Dell Computer Corporation
BIOS version: A11
BIOS date: 01/07/2004
System manufacturer: Dell Computer Corporation
Product name: Inspiron 8200
Service tag:
Asset tag:
CPU manufacturer: Intel
Current CPU speed: 1700 MHz
External clock: 133 MHz
Max. CPU speed supported by board: 2500 MHz
L1 cache size: 8 KB (internal)
L2 cache size: 512 KB (internal)
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce4Go
Sound card: Crystal 4205
SODIMM Socket 'DIMM_A': 512 MB (266 MHz)
SODIMM Socket 'DIMM_B': 512 MB (266 MHz)
Battery manufacturer: Motorola
Battery device name: 66W-A01
Battery location: Right Module Bay
Battery manufacturing date: 7/21/2003 (SBDS)
Battery serial no: 12021 (SBDS)

Drive 0:
Model: <HITACHI_DK23EB-40>
Firmware: <00K0A0C0>
Serialno: <190841>
LBA support: yes
LBA sectors: 78140160 (= 37.26 GB)
Disk cache size: 2048 KB
Supported UDMA modes: 0-5
Current UDMA mode: 5
Acoustic Management support: no
SMART support: yes
Temperature support: yes
Current temperature: 132°F
Drive 1:
Model: <HITACHI_DK23EB-40>
Firmware: <00K0A0C0>
Serialno: <3G1677>
LBA support: yes
LBA sectors: 78140160 (= 37.26 GB)
Disk cache size: 2048 KB
Supported UDMA modes: 0-5
Current UDMA mode: 5
Acoustic Management support: no
SMART support: yes
Temperature support: yes
Current temperature: 102°F

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Um, mine is kinda off-white and makes a 'whirring' noise when you turn it on. Oh, and it has a cool cup holder that slides in and out of the front when you push a button.

Just kidding. I have changed hardware so many times on computers I have no idea what is in any of them anymore. I am very impressed by what you guys have posted and hope this thread is around in about three years so we can all look back and comment on how "pathetic and archaic" these machines are. :p

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Well, I have 3 or 4 PC's........but when I moved to my new place I was too lazy to move any of them :p I bought a laptop. Plus I'm going to school and I figured a laptop would be awesome for University.

Compaq Presario V2410CA (same as V2410US, but the Canadian version) Bought based on price and my desire for a Turion chipset $1000 CDN
AMD Turion 64 1.6GHz
14" Widescreen Display
512MB of PC2700 RAM (2 x 256MB)
80GB HDD 4200RPM
Built in Altec Lansing Speakers
Built in Media Card Reader
Built in WiFi

Extras (more $$$ than the laptop itself):
Digimate 32" Widescreen HDTV
Altec Lansing 2.1 speakers
Logitech MX1000 Laser Mouse
Logitech Elite Keyboard
Logitech Clicksmart 420 Webcam
USB 4-port hub
Konica Minolta Magicolour 2400 Colour Laser Printer (Should be here either today or tomorrow :D)

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Main computer:
Lian Li PC-60USB Case
Enermax 480watt PSU
Abit KX7-333R Mobo
AthlonXP [email protected]
1Gb PC2700 RAM
Leadtek Geforce 6800
M-Audio Revolution 7.1
Leadtek TV2000 XP Tuner
120GB Seagate HD
80GB Seagate HD
Pioneer 108 DVD Burner
Linksys Ethernet Card
19” DELL LCD Monitor
Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro
Microsoft Intilli Mouse Explorer
Canon printer and speakers and other little things

DELL Inspiron 600m
2Ghz Pentium M
14” LCD Screen with ATI video

And then there are 3 extra machines just sitting in a closet not being used…
AthlonXP 1800 with 512MB RAM
Athlon Thunderbird 1.1GHz with 512MB RAM
PentiumII 266Mhz with 128MB RAM

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i posted plenty of times before, nothing changed from the last time
lian li case
amd 4400+ oc'd to 2.7 ghz
2 gigs g.skill ram oc'd to ddr 620
dfi lan party mobo
seasonic 600 watt psu
4 WD SATA 250 gb hard drives with 16 mb cache
7800 gt

that is the basis of it cuz i am too lazy to type in detail, i love my case i may take pics of it later today cuz i have to bust out the digital cam anyway. and as for what i do on my pc, nothing that uses the power of what i have, downloading, and browsing the net, burning stuff once in ahwile too. i do have a new laptop as well now though, it was dirt cheap so i got it a compaq something with the amd turion ml-34 and a gig of ram and stuff, i have not used it too much at all but it is sweet

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I have two computers that I use as my main machines, lots of older machines (i can never get rid of a working computer- still have my 1984 Mac128k and my 286).

Anyway my main machine is a TiBook (powerbookg4) that had almost everything on it die while it was under warrenty (DVDrw, HD, monitor hinge, battery, paint flaked off and looked llike crap). Apple wouldn't fix it, so I said "f_ck that, this was an almost 5 grand computer- I will make my own machine using its parts AND it will be better than what it was OEM"

So I got a PC tower case, mounted the logic board in it, got a stack of USB2.0 drives (external), removed their cases and mounted them inside the 5.25" bays.

End result? 48x CDrw/DVDrom, 2 200-GB HDs, 1GB ram, 1 80 GB boot drive (firewire), 802.11b, zip250, USB1 floppy, and a few odds & ends:

That^ runs OS9.2.2

Then my other machine is a dual 1.42ghz Powermac G4, MDD, 802.11g, two 120GB HDs, 2 GB ram, DVDrw, 6 port USB2.0 PCI card, bluetooth, and a Geforce4 Titanium card. If you've seen a MDD, you know what it looks like (no case mods... yet).

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BTW that end table PC looks insanely cool, I SO gotta do something like that.

I was thinking about finding an old console radio cabinet (say, 1920s vintage), throwing a set of car subs in it and putting a PC in it with a monitor so I can use it as a MP3 player box. But I never got around to it.

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Here's my collection

Gigabyte K8N Ultra Nforce 4 SLI mobo
Athlon 64 X2 4200
1 GB Corsair Value Select PC3200 (CAS2.5)
2 120GB 7200RPM IDE drives + 1 40GB 7200 RPM IDE
Geforce 7800GT
400W Fortron Source PSU
AMS Gmono case with window (passed the fat friends sitting on it test :))
NEC DVD Burner
Lite-on DVD reader
TWO onboard gigabit interfaces :D
Realtek ALC 850 onbard sound (will be replaced with X-Fi ASAP!)
Leadtek TV 2000 Expert TV/FM Tuner Card
Panasonic Panaflow and Nidec Beta SL fans
Windows XP Pro
APC Smart UPS 1400 (work gave it to me, all it needed was new batteries :D)
Technics SU-8055 amp for some old radio shack speakers :D (my favorite part)
19inch true flat CRT monitor

Entertainment Center Box / Backup for the main:
Gigabyte Nforce 2 Ultra 400 mobo
Mobile Athlon XP 2200 overclocked to 3200 with only a 2* increase in heat :D
512MB Corsair Value Select CAS 2.5 PC3200 ram
60GB Maxtor HDD :(
350W Fortron Source PSU (the one with the BIG fan)
Geforce FX 5900 (The REAL one, not that XT crap!)
16xDVD Drive (who knows who made it, but it works great)
Lite-on 52x32x52x CD-RW drive
WinTV PVR 150 TV/FM Tuner Card
Onboard Nforce Audio with REALTIME Dolby Digital Encoding!
Onboard Gigabit ethernet
Vantec Thermoflow fans
Windows XP Media Centrer Edition 2005
BIG ASS Technics surround sound system, 13CH of amps, 15 speakers, 1500W RMS!!! As loud as an IMAX in my 15x15 room. The parents are PISSED :D
21 inch Htachi Superscan Supreme monitor + 27 inch magnavox TV

Classic Game Rig: (used or playing UT99, original Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, halflife, CS, and C&C)
Biostar Nforce 2 mainboard (surprisingly, it works well, got it for 20$)
Athlon XP 1800
512MB PC 2100 ram
Sparkle Power 300W PSU (A good honest 300W not 300W peak)
40GB Western Digital 7200RPM HD + 13 GB IBM 7200RPM drive for Windows
OLD 8x DVD drive
Soundblaster Live 5.1
Intel 10/100 NIC
WinTV TV Tuner
Geforce 4 Ti 4600
17 inch true flat trinitron monitor.
Altec Lansing ACS 48 speakers
Windows 98SE

Linux toy:
Currently busted but WAS:
MSI KT266 chipset mobo
Athlon 1GHz
256MB PC 2100 ram
2 8GB WD hard drives
Geforce 4 MX 440
Soundblaster 16 PCI
Intel 10/100 NIC
250W PSU
REALLY old 20 inch monitor from an HP Apollo Workstation

Family Laptop:
2.6 GHz P4 Northwood core (the DESKTOP chip with an 800MHz FSB! Battery life SUX but it's great for games.)
Radeon 9600 Pro
512MB PC3200 ram
Gigabit ethernet built in!
15.4 inch LCD 1440x1050 res
Intel integrated audio

OLD MP3 playing laptop:
Pentium 3 700MHz
256MB PC100 ram
20GB hdd
13.3 inch screen
S3 Savage IX 8MB video (at least it aint integrated intel 740!)
6xDVD drive
Slow as hell!

Old Macs:
Powerbook G3 333 overclocked to 400 :D
Power Macintosh G3 233 upgraded to 400MHz
Macintosh Color Classic (rare colectors item!)
Old Mac Plus upgraded to the max with 4 megs of ram and an 80MB HD, Has an 8Mhz 68000 CPU (my first comp)

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I have some old Sony VAIO PII 400mhz proc, 256mb ram, 20gb hdd, it r0x0rz :/

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Atari 1200XL
1.79 MHz
Atari 810 external Floppy drive 5 1/4"

Yup still have it, works great... You have no idea how much ass this thing kicked in '82.
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