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So, it's no secrete I got huge elaborate plans I've been entertaining while buried with snow, from a conservative turbo setup to a LX electrical system swap... But I honestly have absolutely no intentions ever RWD-modding my car. Period.

A lot of the FWD car's that come into the shop usually get "solid" engine and trans mounts. For my friends SRT Neon, that made all the difference. Which got me thinking...

If anyone has ever done a break-stand to diagnose a bad trans mount on our cars you'll know how much the power-train pulls forward, even under "acceptable" conditions. That's wasted energy spent on shifting the engine forward instead of turning the wheels.

Why not a solid trans mount? Thoughts?

I'm going to see if I can find an old mount laying around and get a friend to mock one up, pretty basic cutting and welding. Just a stupid thought.
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