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Just a heads up. Forest City is August 16 this year. There is also a concert on August 15.

For the members who want to attend, here is the info that scott (Thanks) provided for everyone as far as hotel info and a time frame as to how long it will take to get there from where ever.....

Cutting and pasting from '07 thread. It had over 900 posts and that is not counting the companion picture thread

Google Map,+nc&ll=35.342575,-81.864624&spn=0.126583,0.176468&z=12&iwloc=addr

Meet Up Spot:
Forest City Food Lion
668 S Broadway St
Forest City, NC 28043-4247

This is a good meet to consider. It's a one day event - no long term commitment or planning. Get there Saturday morning, enjoy the show, socialize, do some mods, and leave Saturday night if you want. Most members are staying overnight nearby and will leave sometime Sunday as the show does run late into the night.

Did a little google mapping based on locations listed for regular SE members. You can guesstimate your travel times from these.
Travel times from origin to Forest City.
Greenville, SC.......1 hr
Augusta, GA.........3 hr
Darlington, SC......3.5 hr
Marietta, GA........3.5 hr
Raleigh, NC..........4 hr
Charleston, SC.....4 hr
Myrtle Beach,SC...5 hr
Smyrna, TN.........5.5hr
Midlothian, VA......6 hr
VA Beach, VA.......7 hr

How here is some pics from last year 2007 FC meet

Morning meet up at the FOOD LION

Washing/Cleaning out the treps before the show starts

Here is us hanging out under the tents

Some shots after the meet before some departed and the rest eat dinner

now with the owners

Here is a few shots of the FC 2006 Meet

Checking out rides (looks there is dennis O)
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