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hey i have a 1993 INTREPID ES and was wondering if i have front dash speakers, because i cant hear anything where they should be, and if i do have them and they arent working what size are they thanks a million, also i have 2 eclipse subs running off of a alpine amp and i want to get more watts. so whats a good amp that has 200x2 or 350x1 or something so that each sub has about 200 watts powering it. thanks :confused:
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hey guys i got good news and possibly bad news.good news first right?
1.I got an amp off ebay for 283.99$ and it was a Rockford Fosgate POWER bd500.1
there is the address.
2. Bad news is that i dont think i have speakers in the front dash, i looked through the windshield and saw nothing but a flat disc of grey plastic below the dash,but is it possible that the disc protects the speaker from UV rays and stuff?-like is the speaker below the plastic and out of site- i really hope that i do have speakers and they are just busted so then i can get new ones, but if idont have speakers at all, would the wiring be there or should i jsut take that dash piece and look for myself, anyways thanks alot
hey guys i took off the dash-it was so easy i thought i did it wrong, but none the less i took it off and found that i do have 2 speakers ( 1 on each side)but the bad thing is they do not work. i have not figured out whether ort not it is the speakers or the wiring i havent tested the speakers yet, but how could i check the wiring?
atf yeah i will try that but i am going to try to hook those speakers up to an indoor stereo and find out if they dont work, but if they do and it is a wiring problem then what should i do, because those wires hook up right along with the front door speakers into the same power cord on the back of the headunit right ()if that makes sence()
i took some of my friends speakers and put them in to test the wire and they both worked so i just need to get new speakers, that makes me happy, but what size will fit in there, i will prolly go with infinity so whats a good model thats like an entry or something i dont want anything too expensive. thanks everybody for their input.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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