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The Intrepid was traded in for a 2007 Mitsu Eclipse GT last August (yes, I kind of miss the 'trep!) and these parts are still in the garage, so it's time for Spring Cleaning!

All of the Intrepid parts are for 2G LH cars, 1998-2004. Everything is used unless it says NEW........

Leather floor/console shift knob, nice, $15-

NEW, never installed, chrome / silver DODGE body lettering, $15-

ATC control head, all buttons and lights work, the fan is fine, $30-

2G key fob, PN 04602268AB, $10-
(YOU need to make sure that this is the correct fob for your car/RKE)

Chrome/silver **or** black antenna mast, either/or but NOT both. $15-

NEW, never installed, passengers side fog light, PN 04574836, still in box, $50-

Steering wheel radio controls including the cruise switches, no clockspring, $50-

Multi-function headlight / turn-signal switch, lettering worn, never overheated, works fine, $25-

Plastic trim piece to cover up the hood latch in the center of the radiator support / crossmember / front bumper. $25-

NEW, never installed, Toshiba HIR-1 / 9005 / 9011 headlight bulbs. Superior longer-life alternative to Silverstars. $50 for the set of two bulbs.

NEW, 7 never-opened/tapped cans of R134a coolant. This is automotive-grade R134a with PAG oil, not the cheapo stuff you sometimes find on ebay. I'm also throwing in a pressure gauge set. $90-

NEW, never installed, 300M under hood dress up trim piece. PN 04580793AG. This is the piece that runs from fender to fender across the radiator crossmember and really cleans up the look of the engine compartment. Discontinued after the 1999/2000 model year. Fits 300Ms obviously, will fit other LH cars with a little careful and creative Dremel work. This is a very large plastic piece and will be carefully packed between sheets of cardboard. $50-

SHIPPING: The key fob and body lettering will ship for $5- each via a USPS padded envelope. ALL OTHER items will ship for $15- EACH with the exception of the 300M underhood trim piece which ships for $25-.

Although I will happily work to combine shipping for multiple purchases, there WILL be a minimum shipping charge. This is because both USPS and UPS have increased their package rates by some 30% the past few weeks. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

If anyone wants ALL of these LH parts in one purchase, the price is $400- **including** shipping. That's a lot of mods and parts in one purchase folks!!!!

BONUS FOR BUYING EVERYTHING: If anyone buys all of the stuff at the asking price I will throw in the following items. An extra deep O2 sensor socket, the kind that is cut down the sides to accomodate the sensor wires AND two bottles of MOPAR transmission anti-foam additive, works great in the 2G LH transmissions. This additive is hard to impossible to find these days.

Pictures available via a nice high-res album on Send me your email so I can share out the album to you.

Payment via PayPal, please....
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