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starter button

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Well, I got my starter button to work. Its not that difficult. Well not in my Contour. I still use the key, to run position. Then I hit the button and it starts. Cool Eh?
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Only people I know whop have done that are people who have their ignition switch go and are too cheap to replace it.
Nice idea! I was thinking of doing the same. Where did you mount the button? I was thinking of putting it where the traction control button would be, if I had it.

One question for ya though: Is it just a small current going through the key ignition switch for a relay that actually powers the starter motor, or is it the full current running through it for the starter? If its just a small current for the relay, then I'm sure I could use just about any button.
Good question and good spot. I was thinking of doing the same after seeing Yanks car start. I don't know, it just feeeels better. The switch must be momentary on. And my guess in that there is a starter relay. But it's just a guess. so Research it and let us know bro.
Well, I did a little research and looked in my haynes manual and found that it is indeed just a relay. So...all you really need is a momentary on button that can hanldle little current at 12V (most switches!) Unless you want to disconnect the starter relay wire from the ignition switch, you can splice into two wires: The 12V Starter Relay Feed wire needs to be spliced into for power, and run to one terminal on the new "Starter Button".(It is a 22 gauge Gray wire with a black stripe) Then, the starter relay ground wire must be spliced into, and then connected to the other terminal of the new "Starter Button". (It is the22 gauge solid black wire). Be sure to TEST the two wires I have listed above when cranking the engine just to make sure that I am completely correct.

And thats it! Piece of cake eh? that I have done the research, I think I will do it when I have time! :)
let me do Dooleys car and I will give you the low down.
The starter button is a pretty nifty idea. Is it that hard to do, or can just about anyone with some time on their hands do it? should make a how-to for it and send it to Randy.
hmm, starter button, its kinda cool, but its much more convienant to leave things the way it is. But forsure would make the friends envious. :D
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