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ok.. today just plain sucked ass... I had to go back to Staples to return my cordless optical mouse because it didnt' work and along the way i got pulled over by some gay ass state trooper. I guess its now illegal to drive around during the day w/ headlight blackouts on and parking&fog lights on. yeah, figure that one out. So anyway, he tells me I either have to shut off my lights or take off the covers, so i was like whatever.... I thought he was about to leave then he told me to roll up my window and i new right then i was ****ed. Iowa has a no tint policy on the front windows, which is totally stupid because i only have 50% tint on mine and you can still see perfectly through it. Luckily its only going to cost me $35, but it still pisses me off that the damn cops will waste their time pulling over people for stupid **** like that. In my opinion, there should be no traffic laws at all, but as soon as you put someone in danger, either inside or outside your car, thats when you should get in trouble... just my 2cents....
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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