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The other day I started to hear a static sound from one of my rear speakers. It has me kind of baffeled. I am thinking that it is my head unit.
I checked all of the connections going from the speaker to the amp, and checked the rca's from the amp to the head. There is nothing loose or touching any metal. The sound is not alternator whine, it is like "white noise". After not finding anything wrong in the wires, I swapped the rca's at the head, as soon as I pulled the offending speakers rca the sound stopped. when I plugged the fronts into the rear spots the noise went to the front.

What would cause a head to make a static sound in only one channel from the rca outputs?

Is this a sign that all of the other channels will start doing this?

What I may do is put this into my wifes car (she only needs the sub outs) and pick up a new head. I was looking online and saw an Eclipse cd3000 that was pretty decent and within a price range that wouldn't kill me.
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