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Stereo cost?

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OK...I got some extra money laying around and do not know what to get? I am thinking of a system for my 'trep.

What would a good system cost, and what do you guys recommend? I've never done anything with car audio before, aside from upgrading a head unit.

Thanks :)
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We are thinking about taking our tax refund (hence our budget of about $5-600) and putting in a new system in our 2.7. Being a family who listens to a mixture of alternative/rock and Elmo, we are more interested in sound quality than volume.

So several questions from pure audio-neophytes:

We are considering the Pioneer DEH-P77DH, because of recommendations here, features, it looks like it fits, and it is not as visually loud as some others. (Not that there is anything wrong with that, just not our style)

Crutchfield's catalog seems to indicate the opening in the 2nd gens is different than the first. 1st Question:
Will this head unit still fit without dash mods?

Second question: That head unit takes up 1/2 of our budget. Given that, we would also like to upgrade speakers. I don't think we need subwoofers or amps, but we are thinking about new front speakers and new 6x9s. What do you recommend that might total @$250 +/- ?

Third question:
Component speakers (I think refers to separate tweeters and woofers) Can you mount a pair of tweeters in the opera window area (is that the name for it? The area where the rearview mirrors are attached) How is the wiring run? WHere does the (Again forgive the lack of proper jargon) signal splitter go? WOuld you also need bass blockers? Would going with components versus a two way be worth it in this arrangement (cost/hassle vs. sound quality)

In the end, sorry for the long post. We need advice before going in to a shop and possibly getting ripped off.

Thanks in advance :confused:
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