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Hi everyone,

Fist of all I'm finally done with the front-end popping noise that had been annoying me for more than a year thank God. My mechanic and I couldn't diagnose that sound in the beginning when it was an intermittent issue. But after it had developed to an everyday noise, it appeared to be a bearing issue. Something in the right hub/bearing assembly was shot (didn't get the full details from the mechanic, don't ask me!), and the mechanic replaced. Hope this helps!

Now with the whining noise. I first noticed last year in the WINTER that there is some whining noise coming from the frond end when accelerating (when the RPM is above 2k), and even when idling. When the winter had ended, the noise disappeared. Now, this winter, it's back. The A/C and accessories belts were old and deteriorated, so I had them replaced few weeks ago. But the problem still exists.

I noticed 2 weird things about it:
1- USUALLY after driving the car for more than 15 minutes, the noise disappears when idling, but does NOT disappear when accelerating (more than 2k). But, however, it becomes quieter.
2- When I start the car and it's idling, the noise is there. But when I push the gas pedal just a little bit, the noise disappears then starts again when the RPM needle is steady (no matter where it stands - 1000,1500,2000...).

What could this be?? HELP :)
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