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, sorry, just joined this forum, and this is the first time in like 10 months ive had a chance to even take a piss...cant sleep...are you sure you arent talking about the emergency brake? from what i konw, all lh models had 4 wheel disks; the emergency brake was a drum within the center of the rear disks...remove the rotor and there are the shoes...anyway, about the brake problems, these cars are really f'n heavy in the front, with really insufficient (and really confusing) front suspension setup. most of the weight problems comes from the fact that its a front drive car with the engine mounted forward on a transversely mounted do a forward mounted engine, there is excess weight in the front...kind of like the front end of the car is too heavy for the components...ive gone through tie rod ends like candy, and since most of the braking is done in the front, brake pads and rotors are basically wore out before you know it. yeah, brakes suck, but i do believe that chrysler under their germanic conquerors have greatly improved the new intrepid.

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