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tail light tint

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This seems to be a popular mod everyone wants, but no one knows the best way to do it. I was searching around today and found some more stuff that might work. On a prior post I left a link to

I found some more stuff here too:

it doesnt have a price, but I'm going to look for it at a couple parts stores to see what i can come up with.

also while looking around i found something i think is kind of humorous. It was on a Probe message board and they were talking about tinting their tail lights. Their solution was quite different than ours though - they were taking off their tail lights, then covering them in pantyhose and putting them back on... it *might* work for a while, but you'd think it'd get snagged on something. if anyone tries this let me know how it turns out.
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The price is $8.99 + $5 for shipping. That's a lot less than the other stuff... But who knows which is better. The other stuff says it's removable, so that's good. But I have to replace 2 tires, so I may not be doing anymore mods for a minute... But a $20 mod isn't bad...
you can go to Orielys and get it from them, thay may have to order it but you dont pay shipping. The price I think was like 8.00 a can.
Thanks for that information on thespray-on tint,and where to get it, because I definately will be. That's one mod I wantto do especially because I haven't seen any Intrepids here in Philadelphia like that.. Do you know how many coats to apply? I'm thinking more than 2 (if 2) would be too dark..
well, i finally got a can of that Nite Shades stuff to tint my tail lights... It was all looking really good, until it dried up real cloudy like. Someone else mentioned it would do this and it would go away w/ a few coats of clear coat... only problem is there was one really bad spot that dried almost white (i think i got too much tint on it) and it STUPIDLY took a rag to it... I think i got all the damn smear marks i put in it, but there is still little fibers of the rag imbedded in the tint.... oh well, my bad.... hopefully it'll end up being one of those things you wont notice unless you stick your face right up to it. I'll let you know how it goes after a few more coats of clear and hopefully my sisters b/f will let me borrow his digital camera this weekend so i can get pics
If you wanted to remove it all, would that be possibe?? I'm just curious :)
I think you would be able to get it off with a little paint thinner, but dont quote me with that. I think there's still a little bit of stuff at the bottom of my can, so i'll spray down a lightbulb and see if i can get it off
So how many coats of tint do you spary on? How many coats of clear do you spray on? Did you have a problems with it running?
I talked to a guy at Modern Performace who had the stuff on his car and he said 2 coats were good, but he had to be really careful not to let it run. I guess that wasn't too helpful...
Well, i finally got my tail lights put back on my car and it looks pretty good. I was kinda scared when that stuff started to dry w/ a white haze, but the clear coat took it out nicely. The only thing that i messed up on, is the right brake light has a little towel lint on it, but you cant tell unless you stick your face right up to it. And I somehow managed to get the right side a little darker than the left, but you cant notice until the brakes are on.

As for being able to take that stuff off, I really cant figure it out. There has to be someway though.... sandpaper would work, but you'd have some nice scratches all over the place.

i'll try to get pics asap
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