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2000 Dodge Intrepid ES
3.2L engine

Engine mods:
K&N coldair
Flowmaster 40 with dual outlets (tips hidden)

lubes and coolant
Valvoline ATF+4
Mobil 1 5w30
Toyota red radiator coolant

sound system and computer in car
3way Pioneer speakers in front doors and back deck.
Soundpex cab with 2 pioneer 10s in trunk.
BOSS ch350 4 channel amp 400watts.
Unknown brand 7inch motorized touch screen LCD
Intel 2.4GHz Pentium 4
Soyo brand motherboard
M2-ATX (160watt) intelligent DC-DC power supply
1GB ram (Two sticks of 512MB PC3200)
Seagate 20GB IDE hard drive
globalsat USB GPS unit
Logitech NetPlay keyboard
Custom slimed down WinXP SP2

future mods
port and polish head
bore out block for 3.5L pistons
replace final resonator with Y pipe.
upgrade alternator
underdrive pulley
3.89 gear mod
MSD PN 8228 coils (I know but they can work with a little modding and with the right cables)

This was the Apple Sawtooth I had in the car but it died. Now it's a PC.

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How does that box sound facing that way? Have you tried facing it toward the rear?

I like the neon rings around the subs, and would like to do that, but I think my Kickers would shatter them in a matter of minutes lol

Lookin good!

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I'm usually off on Mondays, and I'm off in the evenings after 5. How bout we meet up at the mall parking lot, Tue. night around 7pm. (or whenevers good for you) On the Sears side, closest to Blanding.

I've suddenly got that song stuck in my head "Meet me at the mall...its going down..."
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