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Just comming back home from going to a mates house, I goes onto the Highway and while I am on the entry ramp a White VW comes right up my ass full`o kids thinking grandpa car will be a good cause for a laugh..

We started to go onto the highway (I-96), and I didnt want to dissapoint this boy because he must of loved seeing the ass of My corde... So he goes to over take me while gathering speed to get up to 70... I think not I thought... I hammered her and got in front of this boy and slowed right down to 50..... Then he tried to overtake inside... done the same thing, speeded up and got infront of butt wipe.. and 50 it was again... Then went on the Outside to overtake me.. .I just speeded up and hit 100 just to be a prik... Grandpa is faster than your VW Turbo Diesel Jetta little boys...


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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