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Texas DPS Intrepids?

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Ok, not many of us here from the Lone Star State, but you might be interested in this. The DPS (highway patrol) here in Parker Co. has two 'treps as unmarked cars. Both are forrest green and appear to SE's. First saw one with a garbage truck pulled over and thought that some guy must have gotten his windshield cracked by a rock or something till I saw the State Troopers standing around. On the same section of Hwy a week later my Radar Detector was telling me that something was there and closing and there was no black and white. That green Intrepid was close enough for me to see the uniformed officer before I figured it out. :eek: A few weeks later I talked to the sargent that was driving one of them at a local fast food place. Only one of them had the radar and both were base models. Jeeze, they are invisible in traffic. The only give away is the little antennas on the back.
Kinda cool that they choose the trep, glad they didn't get the R/T. :D

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i haven't seen any of them in tarrant county but if they were unmarked i guess maybe i did....i only went to parker county once this summer (to get a case of peaches, of course. ;) )
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