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First off, I wanted to tell you that I have only been out for an hour today, and in that time, I saw at least 75 Intrepids!! No joke. They were everywhere!!

Here's my story:

I went to Best Buy today to pick up Tony Hawk 3 for the PS2. I ended going to 2 of them, only to find out they are sold out everywhere :( Damnit.

Anyways, on my way home, I was stopped at a red light. I was in the right lane, and the first on in the line stopped at the light. I looked to the traffic coming from my right, and saw a white 2nd Gen. ES about to make a right hand turn (the direction I was heading).

This was no ordinary Intrepid. It had a soft top on it, as well as a factory spoiler, gold lettering, and some aftermarket wheels (couldn't tell what kind, but they were alloy and bigger than 16, probably 17 or 18)! I kept my eyes on it as it turned and took off. I decided when the light turned green, I would take off and try to catch up with it and maybe even get the drivers attention.

When the light did turn green, I took off, however, I did not even notice to the left of me was a BMW 740i (I kept me eyes on the white Intrepid the whole time). So this asshole must have thought I wanted to race (like I even would have a shot...) and takes off. Usually this would be no big deal for me, but this ASSHOLE then gets in my lane and slows down!!!!!

Needless to say, I lost the white Intrepid. What a ****ing asshole!!!

Hope you all liked the story.
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