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Same thing with me.Wal-Mart.14 inch scratch and it's deep.Probably from a shopping cart.The dealer tried to buff it but it looks worse now that it did before.

Had the car about 2 months.$317 it will cost to fix it too.

As far as the question about why this happens my feeling is that people just really don't care.I don't believe in "accidents happen" either.If people "cared" enough to pay attention to what they were doing these types of things wouldn't happen.

I know I have never ran into someone's car with a buggy or anything else.Never opened my door into someone else's either.That's because I pay attention to what I'm doing.

Some people just seem to go around like they are the only people on the planet.You know who I'm talking about to.You see them everyday.

Blocking the entrance to stores as they have these family reunions in the entrance of the grocery store blocking everyone's path.You say "excuse me".They are oblivious to anything or anyone that is around them.

They sit in the drive through at Mcdonald's.They seem to have never been to one because they spend 10 minutes looking over the menu while the drive thru line pours out in the street.

You sit behind them at a stop sign on a street that says "no left turn" with their left turn signal on.With no traffic coming from the left and a river coming from the right.

And finally! They get out of their car and ram their door smack into the side of your car.As if "Damn! I didn't know there were other cars here."

Shew weeee! I feel better :D
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