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Well it's early morning and I really have nothing to do so I thought I would post a story about how I got into a race with my bishop's dodge ram 2500 cummins diesel in my 4 cylinder ford escort zx2 that I had.

My bishop was always a nice guy you could fool around with and one day I saw him driving down the road and I proceeded to get in front of him and drive maybe 10 miles under the speed limit. Nothing bad he took it as a joke. He lived down a road that T'ed and was 35 mph speed limit and I was going 25. He pulled out to the left and floored that sucker to the ground and I did the same. We both hit about 65 when he started to pull out infront of me and rocks started hitting my windshield. I pulled back because I was a 16 year old who didn't want to replace his windshield. My bishop in his truck didn't seem to slow down at all and the road T'ed in about 300 feet. He kept on truckin and flew off the road barely missing a telephone poll landed partially sideways and slid a little pulled out of his sliding and slid into a tree in the other direction, that had enough force to pop off his spare tire underneath his truck, and finally come to a stop in a corn field. I was scared out of my wits. He just got his truck out and went home. When he hit the tree it hit the little piece of metal inbetween the bed of the truck and the cab. Apparently his ABS acted up making him unable to stop. Scariest minute of my life.

All in all I was like I can help you pay for what happened and he basically said "Nah, it's okay I shouldn't had done that in the first place." He had to pay for a dudes tree which wasn't cheap and replant the torn up lawn and compensate for the corn destroyed. Still feel bad about what happened.

Basically raced my bishop he flew off the road hit a tree and barely made it out.
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