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Didn't really know where to post this thread, as technically it is a Chrysler....mods, please move if you like!

It's been literally years since I've made a sig thread....but I figured that while I have some time on my hands that I can go ahead and make one for my wife's 2009 Jeep Compass. Yes it is her car, but since I pretty much do all maintenance on it (oil changes, wiper changes, fluid checks, etc.) AND drive it the majority of the time we go anywhere, I consider it to pretty much be my car.

Here's a picture of it. Will have some better ones up later!

What it comes with:

Autostick (6 speed)
EVIC (under tach)
AC Outlet
Heated front seats
Rear wiper
CD player with AUX input

Current mods:
Unless new wiper blades and deer sensors count, then absolutely nothing.

Future plans:
Possible powder coating the wheels black. Will probably do so when tires need to be changed.
MAYBE lights from the RALLYE package
LEDs for the interior
K&N FIPK (although with a 4 cyl engine, wouldn't really make much of a difference)
MAYBE a RB4 radio or whatever is the equivalent for Compasses.

Definitely will be more added to this thread later....this is just the basics for now!
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