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Hey guys, I have been pretty happy with my Viper 600 Series. People always tell me that Clifford is better than Viper, both companies are DEI (Directed Electronics). I have a 600 series w/Talking proximity sensor "Protected by Viper, Stand back!" It's pretty killer. I had to bring my car in a few times for them to correct things with the alarm with my 99 ES, never had a problem with the 300 series in my 95 Intrepid, probably because it was less complicated. I didn't get remote start because I'd have to have another microchip key made that would have to be permanently attached to the alarm unit and I didn't like that idea. At least that's what I understand from research. I remember when the installer didn't reattach my emergency brake pully correctly after removing the panel, it just pulled right out and I couldn't take the emergency brake off. I was so pissed off! I went through a large reputable installer too! Just be careful of these places. I like Viper myself. Most people tell me they prefer Clifford over Viper.

Later guys,
MoparPerformance :cool:
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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