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ThunderChicken w/a 5 Litre

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Finally!! First kill in my R/T!!

I lined up with a late 80's ThunderChicken (driven by a woman) with a Mustang "5.0" on the fender and Mustang rims.

I dropped the hammer when the light turned green, and she held with me until my redline shift from 2nd to 3rd - I never looked at the speedo, I used the tach to make sure I was keeping it in the powerband - at that point I pulled away by 1 and a half car length and then she fell in behind.

I did not blow her away by any means, like I wanted to, but I stll wound up in front. Yes!!! Merry Chrismas to me!!!

:D :D :D

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Great Kill, but owning an 86 T-chicken myself, I have the 5.0 liter V-8, but its NOT the HO version found in the Mustangs (LX 50 and GT's). I would think an actual Mustang GT would probably take you if you find one. Just a word of caution for future reference.

But Great Kill none the less
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