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Super late to this thread, BUT... per the FACTORY SERVICE MANUAL, here it is...

CAUTION: The 3.2/3.5L are NOT freewheeling
engines. Therefore, care should be taken not to
rotate the camshafts or crankshaft with the timing
belt removed.

That is located on page 9-171 of the 1,700+ page manual.
This thread is about 1st gen LH engines. First gen 3.5 is non-interference/free wheeling. All 2nd gen LH engines (2.7 chain, 3.2/3.5 belt) are interference/non-free-wheeling. You quoted a 2nd gen manual.

BTW - you can rotate the cams in 2nd gen engines without timing belt or chain installed all you want to IF you first park the crankshaft with piston no. 1 at approx. 60° ATDC. With piston no. 1 at 60° ATDC, piston no. 4 is also at 60° ATDC, nos. 2 and 5 are at 60° BTDC, and nos. 3 and 6 are at BDC. With a piston 60° or more down the bore, they are well away from touching their valves at full open condition. The 2nd gen manual doesn't tell you that - they are just saying you can't willy-nilly rotate crankshaft and camshafts independent of each other. But, again, you can rotate the camshafts full 360° with crankshaft positioned with piston no. 1 at 60° ATDC.

Post no. 30 says that 1st gen 3.3 is timing chain and interference, 1st gen 3.5 is timing belt and non-interference. I have no reason to doubt that post (I'm a 2nd gen guy). :)
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