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Tires and Wheels from Tire Rack

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Wanted to get the opinions of my fellow R/T owners about the wheels and tires I saw at Tire Rack ( The wheels are called Mille Miglia MM2 and are 18" x 8" at a cost of $179 each. The tires are 235/50-18 Bridgestone Potenza that sell for $189 each.
What is cool about the Tire Rack website is that you can see what your car looks like with the wheels before you actually buy them.
Please give me your opinion about these tires and wheels. Thanks
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I can't comment on the tires, but I like those rims. I would like to see them in person, but those are one of the few styles I was looking at getting for my car. :)
Check out my Bridgestones potenzes that Intrepid 99 took of my R/T. On the front only. I am very happy with the tires. Less road noise nicer steering and handling. Better wet road handling than the stock tires. It is snowing like a mad man today and they handled very, better than i thought they would. In the snow they were better on take off. But a little worse on stoping.
I can comment on the tires i have the potenzaz they are z rated and have one of the best rain and dry grip, since there is no snow in florida. One thing is i would never get them again because they are Z rated and they do not last long. Just something to think about. its not like we go over 149+ mph not even the cars make it that fast so this is something to think about.
Will those 18" tires fit properly under my 1998 ES? not lowered or anything.

Thanks, Erik
hope this picture shows up.
trying again

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Thanks to all who responded to my question. Just ordered the Mille Miglia 18 x 8 wheels from Tire Rack this morning at a cost of $179 each. I think I will go with the Dunlop Sport 9000 245/45ZR-18, it has a very good treadwear rating of 280. Discount Tire in Orlando quoted me a price of $1136 for four of these tires mounted and balanced out the door. After reviewing the numbers, my overall tire and wheel size will pretty much stay the same as I had with the 17's. But I will be losing about a half inch of sidewall, no big deal. Someone had asked about putting the 18's on his 98 Intrepid.
This should work as long as you keep the same or pretty close to the same tire/wheel size as before. For example, Take your 225/55/17 tire numbers, 225/25.4=8.86 inch tire width, 8.86 x .55= 4.87 inch sidewall height, 4.87 x 2=9.74, 9.74 + 17 (wheel size)=26.74 total wheel and tire diameter. If I go with the 245/45ZR-18, my overall wheel and tire diameter will be 26.68 inches which is pretty much the same as I had with the 17's. Thanks again to everyone for their input. R/T George
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Realize you already got your new set of wheels. Just wanted to add, check the country of origin for your wheels. The "word" is that some of the wheels cast in South Africa or Korea do not hold up very well and are prone to cracking at the lugs.

Not sure on MM, but I know that some of the other "Italian" sounding wheel makers have the designs cast in the 3rd world and they don't hold up well.

The QC is just not as good. No periodic XRay's, no temperature control of materials, no casting inspections. Something to keep your eyes open.
The wheels were actually stamped MADE IN ITALY. I don't know anyway to actually prove where they were made. But thanks for the warning anyway.
Check it out with the Milla Migila euro 5 chrome on a black RT in 17" wheels. Robocop the movie, here we go!!!!

Capitalcity R/T
Black 01 R/T Chrysler
Our $$$ worthless. Not buyin' them today. Car is leased anyhow.
I was looking at those wheels also, but I am leaning more towards this

Sorry didn't post that picture correctly. But the wheel is the ADR Kasai in Black Opal finsh, 18 inch, offset 38mm..... $189 a piece..

check them out (they have nice prices also)
I have the MM11-2's in 16 inch (because of SCCA Stock classification rules). The wheels haven't had any problems in a whole season.
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