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To Drag or Not to Drag??

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Ok guys, I need more opinions....

I want to take my car out to sears point on drag night and see what it can do.

However my parents [yea I still live w/ em, Im 19 and we get along pretty well.. cant afford to move out] told me not to do it, and said I was stupid.

Their reasoning is that the car has alot of miles on it.

So heres the background, I bought it in Jan [this year] with 99k on it, and now it has 114k, so Ive had it for 8 months and 15k miles and I've never had any problems performance wise. I do push it sometimes, off the line at a light, almost what it might get at the track.

So do u guys think its alright to take it to the track, or u think I'll blow up the engnine doing this. I really dont think so, kause it seems to have no problems adapting to my driving it hard.

Any advice will help, thanx
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**** takin it to the drag strip will be no more harm on the car, if anything you run it harder on the road cause you have more room. thats the way I see it. The only problem is at the drag strip your insurance is void, so if anything happens to the car, don't even look at the insurance agent.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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