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To Drag or Not to Drag??

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Ok guys, I need more opinions....

I want to take my car out to sears point on drag night and see what it can do.

However my parents [yea I still live w/ em, Im 19 and we get along pretty well.. cant afford to move out] told me not to do it, and said I was stupid.

Their reasoning is that the car has alot of miles on it.

So heres the background, I bought it in Jan [this year] with 99k on it, and now it has 114k, so Ive had it for 8 months and 15k miles and I've never had any problems performance wise. I do push it sometimes, off the line at a light, almost what it might get at the track.

So do u guys think its alright to take it to the track, or u think I'll blow up the engnine doing this. I really dont think so, kause it seems to have no problems adapting to my driving it hard.

Any advice will help, thanx
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I say go for it. It is pretty hard to say what will or will not happen. Theoretically a car with 20,000 miles has as much chance of blowing up at the track as does a car with your amount of miles.
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