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Top Speed?

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Call me stupid, but I dont know much about Intrepids, but my friends dad has a 98 2.7 intrepid that will get up and go. But my question is what is the top speed of ALL the Intrepids; ES, SE, R/T and if there are more..
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02 models
California 2.7 will top out at 108 mph
Euro-III 2.7 will top out at 149 "
Cal 3.5 will top out at 108 "
Cal 3.5 H.O. will top out at 132 " unlimited
Euro-III 3.5 will top out at 149 " unlimited
Japan 3.5 will top out at 149 "
R/T Cal 3.5 will top out at 132 " unlimited
R/T Mexico 3.5 will top out at 132 " unlimited
300M Spec 3.5 will top out at 149 "
Police 3.5 will top out at 136 "

These specs where according to factory data.
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Yes, usually with the 300M's, they try to keep them together. Mexican, Arabian and others (Treps or Concordes) the will mix with the others. A big run might be like, 20 to 30 in a day, not everyday though.
petersho1 said:
Hi ,so what's the best way to get rid of governor, swap ECU from R/T. I'm looking for some chip, but I can't find anythink what will help with gov..
BTW 98ES 3.2
That would be your best bet, unless you can get a dealer to flash your ECU to an R/T's etc. If you do a search in this board abot engine controllers and performance chips there should be a couple of options nut I don't know if the govenor is removed as well.
petersho1 said:

BTW "YB Normyl" there is no chip , looks like nobody cares about speed limit, WHY!!!! It sucks!!!
Right, there is no changeable chip in the ECU, I was refering to companies that claim you can add a chip that overrides certain values. A bad example would be the ones on ebay, most of which are only resistors.

Some 95 Eagles came with autostick but that shouldn't make a difference because it's the TCM that's different. Was the comparison you made under the exact same circumstances?
I can tell you from experience that YES they can reach and slightly surpass 150 mph provided that your ECU is not limited to below 149, which most are.
alderran said:
You have some proof of that? Your speedo only goes up to 120...
For your information the speedo on my Eagle Vision was 240 kilometers per hour and although I have a 240 kph speedo for the Trep, there's no need to put it in til my 108 mph limiter comes off. Other than the driver of the Stealth which obviously had a limiter, I don't have any proof. Maybe when the Trep is unlimited I'll remember to bring a camera. :rolleyes:
There are many many more differences in the Police package that were not available when the R/t's were out, especially in the breaking dept. The combination of struts, springs, and spring pads is not the same and the rear swaybar is thicker.
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