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Top Speed?

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Call me stupid, but I dont know much about Intrepids, but my friends dad has a 98 2.7 intrepid that will get up and go. But my question is what is the top speed of ALL the Intrepids; ES, SE, R/T and if there are more..
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Your car is not going to go 150... where are you getting that from?.. I have seen 139 posted in magazine articles
Yeah if you run it in on the f*ckin moon or something... or maybe you could run it in circles in a hurricane that might work... or maybe if you go up to the top of a mountain.....

I am talking about today on a highway on this planet ...
YB Normyl said:
I can tell you from experience that YES they can reach and slightly surpass 150 mph provided that your ECU is not limited to below 149, which most are.
You have some proof of that? Your speedo only goes up to 120...
So the question is why do American car companies like to put in speedo's that show top speeds which are below the capability of the car? I don't understand it and it's pretty much only American automakers that do that.

I've heard my new car will do low 150's for a top speed and the speedo goes to 160... which makes sense to me.
MICKEY88 said:
the same reason they put speet limiters in cars, so as to not encourage speeding...if someone drives faster than they should and is in an accident, right away the american way is to sue the manufacturer, after all it's obviously their fault because they made a car that goes too fast and put a speedometer in that showed possible top speed, tempting the person to drive that fast...
I understand the speed limiter which is related to the fact that the auto manufacturer is afraid that if you exceed the speed rating on the tire and it blows that you will sue them with the claim how the hell was I supposed to know... blah blah blah.

But not showing your speed doesn't discourage or stop speeding. It just stops you from seeing how fast you are going... what I am not going to sue Dodge because why... because I crashed at 118 so I don't sue but if I crash at 122 and the speedo... WTF are you talking about?
1 - 5 of 87 Posts
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