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Top Speed?

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Call me stupid, but I dont know much about Intrepids, but my friends dad has a 98 2.7 intrepid that will get up and go. But my question is what is the top speed of ALL the Intrepids; ES, SE, R/T and if there are more..
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2002 Dodge Intrepid Police Vehicle Special Features:

150 mph-calibrated, certified speedometer
Severe-duty cooling system for high-temperature, high-speed performance
External engine oil, transmission oil, and power steering coolers for high-temperature, high-speed performance
Four-speed automatic transaxle with overdrive
Column shifter
Heavy-duty four-wheel anti-lock brakes
Heavy-duty cloth front bucket seats with manual lumbar adjustment and vinyl rear bench seat for comfort and leg room
160-amp high-output alternator to handle computers, electronics and lights
100-amp battery power and ignition feed to instrument panel to support high-tech equipment
100-amp battery power feed to trunk
Ground stud in trunk
Dome lamp switch deactivated
Rear window inoperative from rear seat
Rear inside door locks and handles deactivated
Emergency rear door lock override
Dual spot lamp prep package
Wiring for alternating lamps
Fog lamps which provide additional lighting for safety and visibility
Optional switchable daytime running lamps for safety during the day

Notice it says speedo calibrated to 150mph, that doesn't mean the car will hit that speed.

With all that extra stuff, I doubt it has a higher top speed than a stock 300M. I'm not 100% sure though.

Anyone know the weight of a 300M vs. R/T

Is the R/T limited to 119mph? or is it unrestricted?

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As far as i can tell it is unrestricted. I have had it faster than the picture, but nobody else was in the car at time with me. I Dont like talking without proof.
Start feeling the drag kinda bad @ 140 (Guess)Speedo stops at 120. Flat smooth road. Z tires.
I drove police cars for 9 years, and the light bar and spots will really screw it up. They need to be unmarked. Guess i got out too soon :mad:
Weight (2002 model year)

R/T: 3526 lbs
300M: 3581 lbs
300M Special: 3650 lbs

I do believe that the R/T has no governor (although I heard that the Motorsports editions do). I have only been able to get mine up to about 100-115mph because I can't seem to find a decent stretch of road. Eveytime I try I either come up on a hill, another car, the pavement turning into dirt, or I saw something that didn't make me feel comfortable so I hit the brakes. This spring I will try again! :)
Just as I thought, the new police car will weigh just as much, if not more than the 300M and if the 300M can't hit 150mph, neither will the Police Intrepid especially with the drag
They dont really have to anyway, all we needed was a radio, and a friend with a stop stick. :D
Have any of our Wisconsin Intrepid owners been on Hwy. 41 between Fond du Lac and Oshkosh? There is one stretch of highway which is perfectly flat, and at the right time of day/night, not very busy. That's where I had my Intrepid up to 100 (at 1am on a weeknight.. hehehe).

I would have gone faster, but the road isn't very smooth and there is always a nominal police presence, especially on that flat stretch (probably easier to catch people on radar). Given those things, I didn't stay at 100 for long. ;)
I am form Wisconsin, and no I have not been that strech of road yet, but I have gotten my '95 with a 3.3L up to 115mph on highway 151 between Sun Prairie and Columbus with no problem at all When I had it, sad to say that a few months ago it got totaled in a six car accident.
top speed

on 15 FEB 2002 I was on my way to Virginia Beach from Cape Cod, MA and after the NJTP I went down 13 South and going towards Dover,Delaware and theres an Expressway 1 that starts so you dont have to take 13 and hit EVERY stoplight-well this stretch is REALLY empty especially at 2am(no cops) so I took it up to 100MPH then slowed down, then to 105 and slowed, and then I really needed to know what it could do so I floored it and got an awesome kickdown from 100 to just about 116 then there was a toll booth about 1/4 mile away so i had to slow down-sweating i payed the dollar to the lady and went about 55 the rest of the way home satisfied with my baby-she really held up-Never been that fast in ANY car before and probably never will again- even though I didnt hit any speed restrictor no need to go that fast again
BTW this was immediately after I installed the K&N Intake-throttle response is amazing-going 100 and stomping it really felt like I strapped a JATO rocket to the Trep-hehe J/K
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Stop me if I am wrong, but black94es, there was no 1998 300M. I thought the 300M debuted in the 1999 model year. Not that this matters... just wanted to make sure.
I dunno, I got my info from Car&Driver August 1998 and the production date on the car was 6/98. Maybe it was a prototype, I dunno...
00ChryslerIntrepid said:
Stop me if I am wrong, but black94es, there was no 1998 300M. I thought the 300M debuted in the 1999 model year. Not that this matters... just wanted to make sure.
Correct they came out in '99. I couldn't wait another year to get one so I went with the 98 ES in Nov 97.
What year did they come out though? (not the model's year)
guys ALL COP CARS ARE GOVERNED AT 130 MPH to make sure the cops dont do excessive speeds and risk anything. they may be able to do more but wont unless theve been modified to do so.:baaa:
From the magazine's i've read about cop cars, it's drag limited to about 130mph
94 LHS top speed 190 km/h
motorsports is limited to 118, I've hit a z28 and pullin away....then i almost ate dash.
Some of you guys seem like you have a hard time finding places to go fast. Around where I live there are several highways where at the right time is nearly deserted and no cops. All of these highways are in great condition so you don't have to worry about bumps. I guese I'm lucky but I've hit my speed govenor several times and I always have so much more room to go faster. Oh well, its still fun.
R/T's are NOT governed except for the MS editions with the crappier tires. I have had mine up to 130MPH 2 times but slowed due to the "shitting my pants I'm going too f'in fast" factor :D

An R/T will outrun a Police cruiser, a 300M and a 300M special.......maybe not an SXT though?
I've got my 2000 SE up to 116 and then it quit. I think it shut off the fuel pump or something, beucase as soon as i hit the mark it dropped down real quick like :)

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