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OK, Everything has been fine since I installed the new 2G tranny in my '93 3.5L Corde. This was about a year or 25000 miles or so ago..
Shifts good, and all, but I think I may have a slight shudder developing now.

Haven't changed the fluid yet.
It feels like as soon as TQC locks, it starts shuddering, really bad. Then, as the speed increases, shudder gets less significant.. At about 75mph+ it's unnoticable. I know it's still there, cuz I hit a smooth patch of highway and press the gas a little bit, i can slightly still feel it. Past 90+ mph, I can't feel it any longer..
TQC was changed when i swapped the tranny in. (I have had Autostick mod since.)
I can identify that it's the TQC that's the problem, because even in 3rd gear when it locks, it does the same thing.
I haven't driven it more than about 25000 miles, and isn't the Torque Converter supposed to last more than 25K miles?
(Autostick locks TQC at about 35mph in 3rd, 45mph in 4th gear.)

Comments, or should I change the fluid first?
Best ways to do it?

Flush+Fill will cost me ova here in NY as much as a new TQC will, that's why I'm asking..
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