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I'm having an issue with my 42LE non-autostick transmission. I was driving home from work and i had gotten about a 1/2 mile down the road when I noticed an abnormal amount of smoke coming from the back. Then I noticed the trans was slipping really bad and then noticed a lot of smoke from the front. I pulled over on the hard shoulder and opened my hood to see ATF all over my engine. There was a slight burning smell but I believe it was from all the trans fluid on the hot exhaust and engine. There was a spot where it had pooled some and it was still very red, not hot, and didn't smell burnt. Before I left work, I had heard a strange noise from around the power steering area. I drove off since I figured a broken PS pump wouldn't leave stranded (wishful thinking lol.) I had my car towed back to work and it wasn't until the next day I realized I may have forgotten to reconnect or securely connect the trans cooler line causing the fluid to squirt everywhere. I'm hoping I lucked out on this one but I just wanted to get some second opinions. And before People tell me to get a look inside, I'll be getting it on a lift and removing the pan to check for a lot of damage. Hopefully, I wont need to replace my transmission. Thanks for your time!

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So it's decided that it's a trans tranny, or a tranny trans. 馃

My guess is that it will be OK once you reconnect the hose and fill they/them back up.
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