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Transmission fluid total amount

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How much transmission fluid is in the whole transmission system.. (transmission, torque converter lines etc)

I looked in the FSM and can't seem to find it. I saw i think it was like 9 quarts in the sump but isn't there more than that in the whole system?

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Around 12 quarts, completely dry.
Around 12 quarts, completely dry.

Trying to see if I can save my transmission. Lately it is taking longer to shift.
I just did a filter change and got out around 6 quarts so. I also disconnected the ground for 15+ minutes.

Right after the change (20 miles or so stop and go) it seemed better (maybe the placebo effect) :)
But I just took a 350 mile trip with little stop and go at beginning and end of trip but now seems like it was before the fluid change.

I wanted to see if I can pump or siphon 5-6 more quarts out of the dipstick tube and see if that makes any difference.
If I can and if I do my math correctly that would mean APX 25% bad fluid still left in the system after removing 5-6 more quarts.

Sound about right?

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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