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Transmissions... eeek

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eek.. going for my 3rd transmission in 3 months here tomorrow. ick. I guess the first place I went to wasn't the place I shoulda went. First I got a a replacement, and the torque converter died, 20 miles later, killing the transmission with its metal filings at the same time. the replacement one now is leaking, and shifting really badly. Going to a different shop now.. altho they are honoring the other shops warrenty... (hopefully I will get a better tranny though...) wish me luck. :p
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thanks :p
Did I read that right, 3rd tranny in 3 months? aaaw man, I wish you the best of luck bro, get that taken care of right! I know that your problem is much more serious but just a couple things that may perhaps help... Make sure they ONLY use Mopar ATF. Check and see if you can use the new 9602 or 9606 which is used in the new Intrepids otherwise stick with Mopar Type 7176. Also keep in mind that although much cheaper than a Dodge/Chrysler dealer some tranny shops sometimes don't do a very good job with these trannys.

Some suggestions if not already done.... I would also see about having your TCM (Transmission Control Module Flashed) to the latest revision from Chrysler right after service if not already up to date. While it's in you may want to have your PCM (Powertrain Control Module) Flashed as well. This usually has to be done by a Chrysler/Dodge dealer. It usually runs around $60-$90 and they will usually put a sticker under the hood indicating the update code etc. Then disconnect the negative battery cable for about 15 minutes to reset the PCM and TCM.

The TCM update usually corrects a lot of the intermittent bump shift, hesitation, etc. The PCM update will usually give you better gas mileage and sometimes smoother engine performance.

Good luck bro!
MoparPerformance :cool:

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got it back today.. the place did a good job this time, shifts smooth and runs good. maybe I can have 4 mon before this one goes.:p

Hope your new Tranny works for a long time :)

BTW, mine is having an intermitent fail:
Sometimes (randomly), after starting my Intrepid, and shift to D, there is a wait of 5 long seconds before the gear engajes (suddenly) but it is not on first speed 'cause if I start fueling it runs only one speed (second). Or if I shift to R instead, the wait is forever; no Reverse at all.

So I got to stop and start the engine several times and try D until is angajes softly on first speed as it should be. This way I can shift to R or D as normally an have no furter problems.

So everytime I start my Inrepid I don't know how it is gonna work.

I need some advice before I take the wrong step.

Thank you in advance
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My intrepid has only done this once or twice, but I know what you mean. It's kinda annoying. Sometimes it won't shift into R, and other times, it takes a few sec to shift into D. Then again, this was on really cold days, so that might have something to do with it... But my tranny slips now and then, not all the time, but sometimes. This is my real concern! Actually, I think it is more the differential, since the wheels slip and catch like I was driving on ice, but the engine revs do not fly up high, like they do in my old car that had a shitty tranny. Anyone know what would be causing this?
I'm having problems with my tranny now too. Actually, they started not too long after I bought it. It has problems going into reverse (seems like the car must be warmed up before it will go into gear). Other times it won't shift out of second. Now the trans cooler lines are leaking.

Seems like most Dodge owners I know have had tranny problems with various models (Caravan, Shadow, and another Intrepid).
If I knew then what I know now, never would have bought it
I haven't had any tranny problems (knock on wood :)).

But, I have made an observation. In the morning when I go to work it is usually pretty cold out. When I start to drive and use the Autostick, it will take about a second to go from first gear to second gear after I tell it to. But, after a few minutes when the engine warms up, that one second time lapse disappears. My guess is that this is happening due to the cold temperature.
The Chrysler Ultradrive has unfortunately been problematic since it's introduction in the 80's. The A604 (Usually 1st gen) and 42LE (Usually second gen) have had various problems and it is easily made worse when one of these transmissions are not maintained or serviced properly (Mopar fluid only etc.). Sometimes there are TCM (Transmission Control Module) updates to smooth out some of the intermittent issues with these transmissions, it's always best to have the latest updates/revisions.

Of course that would NOT correct slipage or failure or anything but it may help delay shift, hesitation, bump and sometimes will configure more optimal shift patterns.

I'm not really sure why Chrysler stretched the Ultradrive out so long, I would think it would cost them money with all the warrany repairs I have seen performed. Perhaps they figured it would last past the warranty period in which a lot of times it did. Some people have gotten lucky and have never had any problems. I think the Ultradrive design is cheap to manufacture. Chrysler probably didn't want to pay for a reengineering project or perhaps that was the best Chrysler's engineers could come up with.

I have had problems at 75K with the tranny failing in my 95 Intrepid.

Then at about 33K with my 99ES, my tranny had to be overhauled with Torque Converter replacement, Automatic Disc Clutch replacement Input/Output Speed Sensor replacement. The slippage issue never returned (It slipped really bad once) but the bump shift, rough shifting in lower gears (surging), hesitation etc. still continued. The dealer told me various times that there were no PCM or TCM updates. I went to another dealership which performed the updates and I got better fuel mileage after the PCM update and my tranny performed a lot better and smoother after the TCM update.

From what I hear the new Intrepid's will get a RWD Transmission based on Mercedes E Class design. I think that this will probably be a good thing. They'll probably add some more horsepower as well with being that more durable transmission's will be used.

I'm planning on buying the R/T or top of the line model of the 04' if this is the case and they still look nice.

Later guys

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I doubt chrysler quality will ever get better, these car are designed to be good for at least 3 years or 60,000km. They sell more cars as Fleet Cars than to the public, therefore it makes more sense to build them with sub-standard parts.

Just my opinion, based on what i've read around.
Originally posted by Black94ES:
I doubt chrysler quality will ever get better, these car are designed to be good for at least 3 years or 60,000km. They sell more cars as Fleet Cars than to the public, therefore it makes more sense to build them with sub-standard parts.

Just my opinion, based on what i've read around.
I don't agree with your opinion. Why would someone intentionally put crap out on the road? I don't think there is as big of a problem as people think with chrylser trannys. I thought I saw a number that over 50% of the tranny failures are due to operator/mechanic error. I know a lot of people disagree with me but with all 5 of my chrysler products, I open the tranny pan usually once in the cars lifetime that I have it, usually around 100,000 miles, and that's it. I find it better to not touch anything on the tranny unless the fluid is discolored or burnt (which I don't even know what this looks like because i've never had problems). To be honest I've had 5 Chrysler products, and ZERO (that is 0) tranny problems. 3 of the 5 are or did have more than 100,000 miles. My trep has 133,000 miles with zero tranny problems. Actually this has overall been the best car i've ever had. There is a reason there is no drain plug on the tranny pan.

Chrysler tranny problems are over rated.

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Well, I have learned my lesson. After specifically reminding the shop to use ATF+3/+4 fluid, I have learned that they didn't. There is a shudder while I accelerate and the shifting is getting very bad. So, after 4 visits to 2 different transmission shops, the lession that I learned is, GOTO THE DAMN DEALER to get things fixed. my car has been out of commission for 25 days now, just because the tranny needed to be replaced...
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