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If you need parts for a 1st Gen Concorde or 2nd Gen Intrepid and are in the Greensboro area of NC listen up. Donnel's Salvage Yard in Oak Ridge, NC will be downsizing throughout the year, and cars are headed to the shredder every other day. If you decide to go parts picking here's some advice:

1 Cash is King and Priced to Sell
2 Write a List (if you're forgetful like me) :doh:
3 Bring Your Tools
3 Bring Bug Spray
4 Wear Gloves, Long Pants, and Shoes :duh:
5 Bring a Tarp (to sit on of course)
6 Watch for Spiders, wasps, and snakes :spiders:
7 Bring your Patience (most of these cars have been sitting here for the better part of a decade)
8 Be Courteous

There's also a few 3rd Gen Caravan's, 1st Gen Stratus's, 1st & 2nd Gen Grand Cherokee's, 1st Gen Dakota's, 1 2nd Gen Neon, 1 2nd Gen Ram, and 1 1st Gen Talon

Donnel's Salvage Yard (336) 509-0550 Mon-Fri 9-5
2400 Oak Ridge Rd.
Oak Ridge, NC 27310


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Sorry, no such luck on both. :noos: Those 1st Gens have become rare sight in da bone yard these days. :eek6:
No worries, I'm used to hearing that LOL.

I'd be off work Monday and at their doorstep before they opened if there was a diesel 1st gen ram there...then I would strip it to the frame....LOL.
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