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93 Eagle Vision - 141,000 miles - tranny performs as new. fluid/filter every 30k. Done by my mechanic - not the dealer. The 3 Intrepids I've owned - no tranny problems - fluid/filter changes by the book. No problems. Again, my mechanic does it, not the dealer.

I might as well say it, being an Intrepid site and all, but the wife's 93 Vision's tranny is so much more responsive than my 95 & 98 Intrepids. All had the 3.3/2.7 sixes.

I swear it was quicker than my 98 even though the 98 had 200 hp vs. 153 for the Vision.

The 2001 R/T - still breaking it in - I'll let you know. Will say though that her Vision from day one had alot of jump, quick sharp shifts, they had to be setup differently than the Dodges.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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