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Troy, MI week of 3/22

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I am going to be in Troy, MI all week next week for training.
Won't have the M with me as it will be at Jake's getting fixed up from a rough winter, but I will have a rental of some variety.

I will be in Troy from Monday night through Saturday morning.

Anyone want to get together??
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Depending on when your leaving Saturday, head down to Woodward and 14 mile, If it isn't raining you could take in some free coffee and doughnuts and see some sweet as cars at Autozone Hobbies.
Wish I had the M with me....

When's your training. Like what time. I'm thinking of making a yard run and troy's like a few miles from the yard. That or maybe some golden corral. Pm me or hit me up on facebook
PM sent
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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