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Turbo Found For Intrepid

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Okay guys it goes alittle something like this. I was talking to some guy with a ecplipse saying that he does 13.4 in 1/4 times. so i told him about my car and showed him the pics. and told him the best these cars can do is like mid 15's. and i told him if they would make crap for this then we would be faster.

Well he tells me like they do make a turbo. and im like keep dreaming he said his freind got one custom fabricated. so i told him can i get his freinds # hes like nope. but i will take pics.

So guys im going to wait until wednseday cause he told me thats when he will take the pics and ask him about the specs, so im going to see if this guys bullshitting or not. Because i dont think the trannies will hold up. He will probably go thru 1 tranny everymonth.
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I would doubt "his friend" has anything just by the fact that he wouldn't give you his number, what is he protecting?? Is his friend in the Federal turbo modification relocation program?? There are only two times you aren't eager to show off the work you have done

1: before a race when you don't want the other guy knowing al your secret tricks


2: when your story is complete bull

but again, I could be wrong.....
I hate to say it but....told you so

and the language OK? a lot of times my kids are in the room while I read forums.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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