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I sincerely hope it's not one of our members selling this.
If it is, you should be banned.


Turbo Magnet X-T is a frequency resonator that uses Neodymium Conductor Magnets, which break and then realign the hydrocarbon chains in the fuel passing through the fuel line of your vehicle. The magnetic field created by the Turbo Magnet X-T ionizes the fuel being fed to the engine, which itself produces a more complete combustion, maximizes fuel economy, improves fuel efficiency and reduces polluting emissions.

By installing these Neodymium Conductor Magnets close to your carburetor/injection system, your vehicle will start to feel the result of the Resonance frequency of the Neodymium Conductor Magnets and by making the fuel flow smoother your engine will run more efficiently.

Frequency resonator?
Conductor magnet?
Fuel Ionization? What, it's Ion of octo-Hydrocarbon 12?

I sent him a question on ebay asking him

1. "What frequency his magnet resonates? Is it loud?" :)

2. "Can I use this for my lawnmower also?"

3. "My car runs on veggie-oil, will this ionize it and make it 'extra-virgin' ?

I didn't know gasoline, benzine or octane contain ferrous or metallic carbons which respond to magnetic field. I guess you learn something new every day. LoLoLoL.

Look at his feedbacks on transactions. BMW owners buy this stuff actually.

Can we come up with something like this and sell it to Civic owners too?

Come on guys, THINK OF SOMETHING!! We could have regular funding, this way.

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Welcome to the dumbing-down of America!

This is EXACTLY why we shoudn't cut MATH AND SCIENCE teachers in high school!

Screw the coach's raise....... kids need an EDUCATION!

Now if only we could bring back the hands on labs that had kids INTERESTED in science...... With basic physics and chemistry concepts, a demonstation of the concepts at work is MUCH more effective than shoving a book in an un-motivated kid's face! And it's much easier to understand, so it helps even the bookworms learn the basic physical laws.

With the cuts in the IMPORTANT parts of education and a generous dose of fluff in it's place, it's no wonder the US is slipping in the technology race!

While I was in high school, I had the opportunity to take a few NICE classes:
Computer Science I
AP Computer Science II
Webmastery I
Webmastery II (dual credit!)
GMO (geology, meterology and oceanography)

I took them all over the course of junior and senior year and loved them. I learned a LOT.

Sadly all of the above classes are GONE! It's a shame that students today don't have the same opportunities that I had just 3 years ago. :(

CS was the first to go. The CS teacher was also an Algebra teacher and the head UIL coordinator. She got laid off and the coach got a FAT raise to 100 grand, 3 times the pay of a teacher! WTF?!!?

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hardwareguy said:
She got laid off and the coach got a FAT raise to 100 grand, 3 times the pay of a teacher! WTF?!!?
That's cause you live in Texas. There are many school districts that put education before sports.
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