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SOLD, thanks guys!!!

Ok, considering that it's Serious House Cleaning Time, the following is available:

A 4U rack system. 400 watt power supply. The current mobo is an Intel something or other with a Pentium III clocked at 550 Mz. The mobo has video, audio, 10/100, etc, etc. Just add drives (room for 6+ in the case) and it would make someone a nifty file/print server. Includes a floppy and cd-rom. Also included is a large pile of miscellaneous ram sticks (some Compaq, some not) which may or may not run on the mobo. The case & PS are probably worth $150. Get the entire pile for $135 shipped to the lower 48.

A no-name 1U system. 220 watt PS. The mobo is an MSI something or other with a Pentium III 550. There may be 256 Mb of RAM on the board. The case is currently in it's shipping box and I'm too lazy to open the thing up at the moment. The mobo has the usual video/audio/network connectors. Room in the case for three hard drives. $110- shipped to the lower 48.

All shipping will be via UPS ground.

As I'd really like to get this stuff out of the house in the next week (before Bridget lops off my head), I'll sell both servers for $200 shipped as a single transaction.
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