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Ugly and slow cries the Impala...

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To start off with i would have to kick my own ass if i had to wake up and see one of the new Impalas in my driveway. Those things are damn fugly, so when i got the chance to race one i took advantage of it. I pulled up to a light next to a couple of girls who thought they were pretty high and mighty cruising the loop in daddy's 'pala. They started creeping on me as i figured they would so i held on the brake and gave it some gas. When the light turned green i power launched and actually to my suprise it kept up till about 20 then i started to pull away. After a block i was a car length ahead. That was enough for me so i slowed down and let them pass. I was just happy that i got to beat one of the ugliest cars (next to the new Monte Carlos) made right now.
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i see how a young, inexperienced, (dare i say it, because oh god here we go...) woman driver could lose to your car. but in a recent head to head comparison with the intrepid ES, impala, and taurus, the impala actually had the fastest 1/4 time at 15.9 or 15.8. guess we know who the better driver is...
intrepid r/t runs a good .2 secs or so faster than the impala in the 1/4
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