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ok guys, i recently purchased a 93 intrepid ES with the 3.5. its beautiful with only 140 000 kilometers on it, i am in the process of tuning it up, i went to replace the original fuel filter with a new one and for 1 , how do you get those clips off, mine wont budge, 2, with all the movement of the filter, now the line that goes out of the filter to the steel gas line is leaking, right at the fitting at the fuel filter, my dad said just replaced that piece of hose with a new piece of rubber fuel hose, and use a hose clamp.

should i do this , like is it easiest and safe??

also the rubber fuel line where it meets to the steel line, how is that line on there, or better how do i get it off ?? there looks to be no clamp holding it, soo do i just wiggle and pull ?? i want to do this the best way, soo any suggestions would be great

thanx in advance guys

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