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May I Chime in here and Help this sister Out, Seems like You're going through what I went through with My M Special. I Was Having that Cranking Issue and Went all out changing parts which didn't help, I Changed the Starter like 5 Times (During the Winter season, Yea I Went through Hell) to Ignition Switch Twice With Duralast AutoZone Brand Which Ended Up causing Me more problems, because It Made My Windows Controls Not Work, My Heat/Climate Controls Didn't work either, It Also Made My ABS and AirBag Lights Come on, Plus other little problems I can't remember. But after exhausting all Avenues and was all out of Options and didn't know what else to do, I Saw that Chrysler Pacifica Video too and I Decided to give cleaning out the ground Terminals a try, I took the Whole Ground Cable out, Cleaned the Terminals where they Connect to and the Battery Head, Luckily I had a 2 Spare ones Laying around, I Cleaned them REALLY REALLY GOOD with parts cleaner and a Wire Brush, Installed it and Tightened everything down really good, Cranked that Sucker Up One Time and It Fired Right Up!!

But then, My AirBag And ABS Lights were still On And My Windows, Heat/AC still weren't working, So, I removed the Duralast Ignition Switch And Reinstalled My Old Factory one and everything was back in normal operation.

Moral Of the story, It's usually the Simplest things that produces the best Fixes.

So I can almost guarantee that Your Starter still had a good amount of life left in it, even though it's a good thing that You Rebuilt it anyway, Because You would've had to do that in the near future anyway, Depending on what Mileage You have on Your car, I don't think You ever Mentioned it. But, for People like Me, I would rather Ride and Use it till the Very last drop of Life left in it is used up before I replace it.
And also, Your Ignition switch is most likely still good and nothing wrong with it, I don't think that's a part that fails that often, if it every does..... But, If Your Replacement is working good unlike Mine, I hope You saved it for a rainy day.....

One thing that sounded familiar was the Cranking twice before car started situation, the same car, My 2003 M Special (Currently 149,000 Proud Miles) does the same thing (Mostly after sitting overnight/a long time), the first Crank it Sputters and Dies, but the 2nd One Fires it right up, sometimes it runs a little rough for a sec or 2, but evens out after that. So, what Peva said about the Fuel Leaking/Draining back makes sense... One thing I didn't hear You mention is if You smell gas anywhere inside or outside Your car, Because, I do Smell gas inside and outside the car and I have the P0440 Code which is probably the same the Emission code You mentioned earlier and You mentioned You had dropped the Gas Tank to Change the Fuel Pump, You Could've Replaced The Charcoal Canister Thing that's Causing the Emission Code, I think that's what generally throws that Emissions Code... But since the car is still taking Me where I wanna go right now, I will deal with that a little later when I'm through with what I have I have On My plate right now.

So, I hope You get some ideas to deal with Your Frustrations/Car Problems from My experience. I don't think I know half of what the guys on here knows, I learn as I go. But, Trust with people like Peva, You're in good hands, He and few other people know more than Your Average Mechanics out there, so Its better You know what the Problem is before You take Your car to the Mechanics that'll just throw parts at Your car and end up Spending Your money on unnecessary repairs that You don't need.
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