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I have a 2002 3.5L Intrepid. A couple years ago, I first noticed that it didn't always start on the first try. It always seemed to crank fine but sometimes it took a second turn of the key for it to start. Nevertheless, it always started. When I had it in to a mechanic for another repair, I asked him about this starting issue, and he said it could be a lot of things, but he would replace the starter relay to see if that helped. It did not help, but since the problem did not seem to ever prevent the car from starting, I did not take it back for further investigation. A few days ago, I climbed into the car in the morning, turned the key and it did not even crank. The dashboard lights came on, and the radio came on, but there was no cranking and no clicking. Just nothing for three key turns. I had to be sonewhere so I got a ride and wasn't able to investigate further until evening. I tried to start it a couple more times with the same results. I checked the lights and the power windows and everything seemed to be powered just fine, so it did not feel like a battery issue. I did the keyturn thing to check the CEL codes (the CEL is on due to emmission system leaks) and there were no new codes. But after that I turned the key once more to see if it would start and it started right up! All the same, I didn't trust it to not strand me so I took it to a mechanic. He started it numerous times with only a couple recurrences of the issue of having to turn the key twice and no recurrence of the no crank issue. He recommended replacing the ignition switch, so I agreed to let him do that. I brought it home today and ran some errands. On the fourth start, it did the same old thing of making me turn the key a second time to start it, and I fear the no crank issue might recur as well. Any ideas what might be causing this? Thanks in advance.
I hope someone figures this out, ours does the EXACT SAME THING and our mechanic wants to try things as well. Always has started, but with two turns?
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