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Well guys..... after all the hunting and searching I did in the fuel system, I never did find anything..........
Until one day my wife went and filled the tank up and gas went EVERYWHERE!! (eventhough I told her not to drive it) :rolleyes:

She got the car home safely THANK GOD! I got to looking under the car in the back where it was wet - couldn't really see anything under there as you know. Got to thinking that it may be coming from the top so I pulled the carpet back in the trunk, removed the access panel and there it was.

The band that holds the pump assembly to the tank was cocked sideways and letting fuel leak out.... I removed the band, reset it and tightened it down - problem solved!

But I got worried as to how this happened and could it happen again!? I told my Dad where the fuel smell was coming from and a light went off in his head..... come to find out that Dad had filled the tank up with some "bad gas" and had a mechanic remove and clean the tank and pump.

Well, I can only deduct that the mechanic didn't put the band on properly thus causing the leak with the resulting smell. Since then, there has been no more smell.

AND the fuel milage increased greatly!

thanks for all the help..

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