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So I haven't posted in way over a year I believe! Truth is, I've been working on my Honda Accord for over a year now, got it to drive back and forth to work since my Intrepid isn't as reliable as it used to be with over 210,000 miles! I've attached some updated pics of the intrepid below....

The first picture is my stock rims plastidipped black.

The second picture: When I needed some new tires last year, I just put on my stock rims and tires from my charger that I had laying around and decided that I liked the look.

The third picture: I missed having black rims so I decided to plastidip them black. It looked so much better!

The fourth picture: The Intrepid and Charger looking like twins for the last time....because...

The fifth picture: I am going green! Electric Lime Green Plastidip!

After my Intrepid sit for a few months this year waiting on a timing belt and water pump install, I decided to change things up a bit. Decided I was tired of the red so I'm going a totally different direction....lime green!

I'm about half way done with the transformation and will post updated pics when I am done!


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