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With gr8crash successfully swapping head between the gens it got me thinking and I ran into some questions.

First, Why is the 95-97 head by far the most expensive from all other years?

Example: Using chrysler parts direct and all chrysler parts for reference

3.5L head ranging from $234 down to $207 93-94
3.5L head ranging from $679 down to $598 95-97
3.5L/3.2L head ranging from $194 down to $171 98-04

Finally on the 2nd gens is the cylinder head indeed the same from the 3.2L and the 3.5L ?

Both those sites lead me to assume they are.

All thoughts appriciated.

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The 2nd gen 3.2 and 3.5 cylinder heads have the same part number which is 4663 892
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