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Question: These cars suck because they have shitty transmissiosn! I've had one that I have to keep getting rebuilt like 4 times every year! Why do you guys even bother with these stupid cars?!

Answer: Your ignorance overwelms me. You can put at least 200k miles on the original trans if you accually take care of it. Personally, I have always been against rebuild shops. Many will just replace whatever is broken and leave some contiaminant in the fluid (usually in the cooler), so that your new parts are toast in no time. It doesnt help either that 80% of them dont know the difference between GM/Ford fluids and Mopar fluids.

Question: So what can I do to make my transmission last?

Answer: Simple. Keep a clean filter and fluid in there always. You wouldn't expect your engine to last long with never changing the oil, would you? Why people think that its ok to never change the trans fluid evades me.

Question: Isn't it fine to use Dexron/Mecron/etc?

Answer: NO! Never! Only use MOPAR ATF 3/4. Do not use the additive stuff that is suppose to magicly make Dexron a ATF 3 compatable. Only use the stuff you can get over the counter at your local dodge dealer. The only 3rd party fluid you can use is Aimsoil C+.

Question: AHH!! My trans died! What should I do?!

Answer: Get a transmission from a scrapyard thats from a 00-04 Intrepid/LHS/300m/etc. It has much better parts, and should be cheaper then a rebuild.

Question: I'm a power freak. I'm afraid the stock transmission will die. What should I do?

Answer: There are a few options. Check the performance FAQ.
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