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Victim of a ricer

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Pre face
Let me just say that I am not proud of some parts of what you are about to read. Actually I am disgraced and the guilt is what compels me to write this story here, in this public forum for all of you to read....

The Story
I'm driving to work and running just a bit late so I'm in a bit of a rush going down the road, passing cars and squeaking out yellows. I catch a red light and some CRX? little box type car pulls up beside me kinda crowding my lane. I just figure he's a dick and/or cant drive fer ****. The light turns green and he tears out with his fart pipe doing its fart pipe thing. The next thing I know I'm thinking (and this is the ugly part) "awww hella no ****ing way!"

and mashed on the gas pedal, needless to say I crushed little buzz boy and as I made my turn off saw the infamous "ricer fly-by"

Lets return now to the "hella" part of the story. After that thought, as I guided my car mindlessly down the road in a straight line, I realized just how ****ing gay that thought, THAT werd is.

I am sorry. I am a bad man. I promise not to think that again. I have electrodes connected now to deter such further gayness.

On the plus side I made it to work on time.
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Originally posted by Warlord187:
Exactly! After reading the "New Moderation" thread confirms what I already know. Some people on this forum are too ****ing sesitive! :D
Me, being the one who started that thread, am not sensitive in the least. Come to chat and you will see that very quickly. I just posted that because I get sick of seeing these threads where people just go back and forth dissing each other.
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