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Just got home late yesterday. Drove the car from Chicago to New York to see the girlfriend. Then drove for two days in Boston with Ryan and Scott. Was 19-hours alone of driving (let alone sleeping) yesterday, definitely not as fun of a experience as I envisioned after about the 13-hour mark. :p

Special held together great the whole time. I had fun, and Scott and Ryan were awesome. They helped me with a lot of different things, gave me new ideas, and were really great people.

They helped me replace my PCV valve, fix my rear middle seat belt (was hardcore loose), install/paint the 1st gen LHS speaker grilles, re-align my projector surround (the silver piece was crocked), install the black A-pillars, and install the rear foot pieces/rear door trim in DS.

Still a lot more to go on my interior mods, but I'm getting there bit by bit. Also, Scott had the door lock switches in dark slate with the red triangles - installed those today.

I guess since I'm showing these I can release my ultimate interior goals: I'm going to replace every light taupe piece (B pillars, front foot piece, and the piece that runs up to the bottom of the dash, and the rear C-pillars) with dark slate. Then the interior will become dark slate on top of light taupe, on top of dark slate/black (headliner will be wrapped in black suede), which not only will I think look a lot better, but will match the pro-ams.

Some pictures:


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And on another note..


Soon as Hypnotiq can help me, these'll be going in. I have the 99 360W amp that should be here this week as well.

Due to monetary restrictions, this build is being broken down into two stages:

- New head unit (already installed)
- New mono amp (capable of handling old subs and new subs)
- New Infinity Kappa 3-way 69s
- 99 360W amp
- Old dual 12'' Alpine Type-E's (from the R/T, talk about a flashback)

The second stage:

- New 4-channel amp
- Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.5'' components
- Alpine 12'' Type R (two)

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I get excited when proper maintenance is done. Nice work!

Comforting knowing that it's taken care of, but also that I don't have to worry about that PITA for another 7-years. :D


I have also updated my modification and goals list, and included a overall vision segment:

Overall Vision:

Both my R/T and 2002 Special never got anywhere close to complete. I had a vision for both, but progress was slow, and I never saw it through before both cars were gone.

I am committed to finishing my ideas on my 2004. I took a different approach this time, however. Instead of jumping between exterior and interior modifications, I have dedicated myself solely to the interior modifications. When done, I will then move on and finish the exterior modifications without having to worry about the interior.

My goals for both is taking a car I believe was 90% finished from the factory, and completing it all the way. This involves a two-tone interior that has not been done before in an LH, and uping the exterior to a more aggressive - but refined - look.

The exterior modifications will be notably easier; they just involve more money. While the interior modifications have been comparatively cheaper, they have taken a lot more time (hunting down sets of parts being one problem, another being the rarity of some of them as well).

This car at the beginning of 2013 will be stored away for all but the prettiest of days. As a result, my goal is to get the interior done and then start working on the exterior to coincide with the first "nice day".

Thanks for viewing!



• 2004 300M Special: 69k at time of purchase, 1 prior owner.
• Options: standard Special options with SRS seats and the optional 18's (only optional in 03/04)
• 2-tone interior


Interior Modifications:

• 300M 1999: black sun visor inserts
• LH 99-11: Infinity window grilles
• 300M 2001: chrome shifter
• LH 2001: chrome switches
• LH 2001: dark slate door locks with the red triangle
• 300M 01-04: California wood dash pieces and steering wheel
• LH 01-04: dark slate shifter bezel, cup holders, console lid, and rear vents.
• LH 01-04: dark slate door trim (dash, front/rear foot pieces, B-pillar, and bottom C-pillar)
• 300M 2002: Pro-am seats - added light taupe rear cup holder and seat belts.
• Painted oh sh!t handles

Interior - Future Plans:

• Paint top A/B/C pillars black
• Wrap headliner in black suede
• Replace bottom plastic dash trim with earlier models' version
• Steering wheel modifications
• Front and rear courtesy lights (just want the lens, undecided on the functionality)


Exterior Modifications:

• Removed 'Chrysler' font from rear

Exterior - Future Plans:

• Spoiler depot spoiler
• 20'' SRT design wheels
• 35% tint all-around
• Something with the grille; undecided
• Paint calipers red



• Head unit: Pioneer DEH-P7400HD
• Mono amp: Hifonics HFi1500D
• 4-Channel amp: 99 LHS 360W
• Front speakers: stock LH door speakers
• Rear speakers: Infinity Kappa 639.9i 3-way 6x9s
• Subs: dual 12'' Alpine Type-Es

Audio - Future Plans:

• Sound deaden entire interior
• Replace factory amp with Alpine PDX-F4
• Replace factory front speakers with Infinity Kappa 609CS components

Maintenance - Needed & Done

• OEM crankshaft and camshaft sensor replacements (starting issues; fixed them)
• Timing belt, water pump, thermostat, harmonic balancer, s-belt/v-belts (and pulleys), radiator hoses (all part of 100k/7-year maintenance)

Maintenance - Proactive Planning

• Car's oil changed at 75k with mixed blend; will change at 3k and move to full synthetic
• Replacing radiator and coolant tank (nothing broken, but both have gone out on my old LHs; have no desire to be stranded on a highway)
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