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Hey everyone, I'm looking for a few parts to spruce up the interior of my '02 Concorde. If anyone around Niagara Falls, ON has what I'm looking for, give me a shout. Or if you know of a Concorde/Intrepid/300m/LHS with a tan interior sitting in a junk yard somewhere near by, let me know!

I'm looking for the following parts in tan (or gold, or sandstone or whatever name Chrysler used for the tan-like color):

  • Both front seats in leather (without heat or memory)
  • Rear seat in leather
  • Rear passenger door panel
  • Front seat armrest cover
  • Headliner
  • An EVIC unit without sunroof controls
  • Leather and woodgrain steering wheel

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I know this is an older thread posting but:

You can use an EVIC with Cover and Sunroof Controls. The Cover is the same size and mounting. Just don't need to connect the controls. I have a few EVICs. Do you need one with Tire Pressure Sensor capability?

I also have a couple of Wood/Leather steering wheels. What's your Interior color? Slate(Black) or Taupe(Tan)? I have both.
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